The paraffin market is hard to reach during the peak season Share

In the third quarter of 2019, the mainstream price of the domestic paraffin market rose slightly. From the perspective of price movements, the market has stabilized slightly and upwards, with an increase of 50 yuan/ton. The market boost is limited. From the perspective of market supply and demand, the overall market resources are relatively abundant, market speculation is reduced, just need support, and merchants are eager to stock up. Frustrated, the contradiction between supply and demand is still relatively obvious; from the market mentality, due to the slow recovery of terminal demand, coupled with continued inventory pressure, market support is limited, market participants are mainly on the sidelines; from the perspective of export markets, China-US trade The impact of the war, the export market support is limited; coupled with the price advantage of alternative products still, further impact on the paraffin market, overall, the paraffin market has many influencing factors, favorable conditions are limited, the market outlook is still difficult.
Although October is still in the peak season of domestic custom demand, market demand may be warming up. However, given the limited support of the current market, the market price fluctuations in the first half of the year are not large. In the middle and late October, the paraffin market will continue to be cautious and stable. From the perspective of the refinery, the operation of the plant is stable, the market supply is sufficient, based on the high inventory level, or the stability and stability policy; the market is more cautious because of the lower speculative atmosphere. Overall, the market price of paraffin wax is difficult to break through in October. It is expected that the price of refinery listing will be stable, and the market transaction price may be flexible and slightly adjusted.



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