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In general, the current listing price of the paraffin market continues to be stable, the market speculation atmosphere is reduced, and merchants are mainly based on purchases. The peak season is not prosperous, favorable conditions support is limited, the market outlook is still not optimistic, the market's main melody is still.

That is to say, the current market for paraffin wax is not volatile, and the stability mentality is more obvious: from the perspective of supply and demand, the current domestic refinery stocks are sufficient, and the refinery sales pressure is not reduced; market demand may pick up, but the growth rate is limited. Overall, the contradiction between supply and demand in the domestic paraffin market still exists. Biqiang believes that from the refinery's point of view, the maintenance of the most stable intentions, short-term no price adjustment plan; downstream customers are also on demand to buy mainly, the market is still stable in the near future.



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